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About the Program


  • 13% Commission on Every Sale!
  • 365 Day Return Cookie
  • New and Fresh Creative
  • Datafeed Available Soon
  • Cash Prizes available to every affiliate
  • It's Absolutely Free to Join! We are now part of the ShareASale team to provide real time tracking and timely payouts.
    Click Here for the ShareASale Application


Tracking Your Sales makes it simple for you to keep track of click-throughs, orders, and the commissions you've earned. There is a wealth of knowledge available in the online reporting available through Shareasale. You can actually determine the effectiveness of each link and see which products your visitors are buying. You can run as many reports as you like and modify them to get the analytics that you need to help make you even more successful.

Join Now!

  • Read the SleepyHeads Terms and Conditions
  • Complete an Affiliate Application
  • Read the "Welcome Email" to get links and other important information.
  • Log in to your Shareasale Account to get more links, build sites with the handy "Make-A-Page" Feature, run reports, and get more information.
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