Top 5 Must-Have Sleepwear Accessories

By | January 5, 2010


Have you ever shopped exclusively for sleepwear accessories or just put them in the basket with pajamas and loungewear? Not all among us get excited about buying flip flops, socks, sleep masks, cosmetic bags, gym bags, totes, etc and more often than not combine them while buying other “important” stuff such as pajamas, lounge sets, etc. There’s no problem with this and no change is expected in the order of the priority list. However, it’d be great if we could all appreciate accessories once! (Sounding a bit weird?) Read on..

Sleepwear accessories don’t just look cute but add a lot to comfort as well. They are useful and also lend greatly to your look in pjs! In winters pajamas look incomplete without socks (unless they are footed pajamas) and summers without sassy slippers and fashionable flip flops seem unimaginable!

Getting back to the point that sleepwear accessories simply can’t be ignored. Following are the top 5 sleepwear accessories that are a must-have!

Socks – Cute, colorful and warm; socks are one of the most important accessories in the world. Their importance is much under-rated. Whether winters or summers, socks shouldn’t be kept out of anyone’s shopping list!

Slippers and Flip Flops – Ah! The comfort of roaming in those oh-so soft slippers and flip flops, letting the air gently caress your feet. There are times when putting down the shoes is just what you need and these slippers are a perfect excuse!

Lingerie – Comfy sleepwear with comfy and sexy lingerie just doubles up fun of doing nothing and leisures.

Boxers – For men, comfort probably means spending the whole day in boxers! So just couldn’t keep them out of the list.

Sleep Masks
– Talking about sleep, how can sleep masks be out of the conversation for long? Don’t we all just love blocking out the world and getting lost in the dreamland. Sleep masks sure can’t be irrelevant!

If you still think that sleepwear accessories are extra expenses, think again!

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