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Men’s Long Sleeve Lounge Sets at

Men's Lounge Set

Men’s Lounge Set

It’s not just women pajamas that are popular and available in a huge stock at Men’s pajamas and lounge sets are also retailed at the online pajamas store. Why should women enjoy all the fun and comfort of amazing designer pajamas! Men too can now flaunt their designer lounge sets designed especially for winter months at

Long sleeve tees and very comfortable pajamas make for wonderful lounge sets for men that can be worn both during the day and at night. Lounge sets make most sense for men who on their days off from work can relax in comfy lounge sets. And not just relax and but do everything that had been pending over the week, generally the household chores. After all dad has to obey all mommy’s orders! So make yourself comfortable when you do all this in a well fitted and soft to wear lounge set for men.

A Wide line of Men’s Sleepwear at has men’s lounge sets by Lazy One, Snug as a Bug, Life is Good, Sleepyheads and more. These are not just popular labels and designer brands that people trust for their sleepwear needs. Thinking of your man while reading this post? Let this one be a gift for your man this Christmas and get the most comfortable lounge set for men from our collection of men’s pajamas at

Flannel Sleepshirts for your Christmas Holidays

Flannel Sleepshirt

Flannel Sleepshirt

Many of you might be planning to travel this Christmas! Chilling winter season makes you packed with layers of clothes and a drink or two inside you to make your body warm. Now this is how we plan to celebrate Christmas anyhow every year.

But what to do when it’s time to hit the bed? When you’re going off to sleep, you want to relax, get into easy clothes and be warm. Flannel sleepshirts sound like a great idea of catching up some nice sleep. These are easy to get in, are super soft against your skin and offer you a comfort sleep like never before. Pajamas are your best pal when nothing else appeals you enough and so are sleepshirts and gowns.

For women, gowns are comfortable, light on body and flexible to move in. Many women prefer sleepshirts and gowns over pajamas. In winters too you can enjoy the comfort of nightshirts with these now available in flannel and other warm fabrics. has Flannel Sleepshirts

While traveling on Christmas make sure to carry your favorite designer’s flannel sleepshirt that will cuddle you and comfort you throughout the chilling holidays. Also, if you don’t know where to get these from, has a wide line of flannel sleepshirts. Celebrate Christmas and welcome new year being warm, cuddly and cozy in flannel nightshirts.

Beat the Winter Chill with Super Warm Thermal Pajamas

Thermal Pajamas

Thermal Pajamas

Feeling the winter chill more than others? That happens with most of us towards the end of December! The relief from this chilling winter breeze is thermal pajamas. A warm and cuddly pair of thermal pajamas save you from the unbearable winter chill that just can’t be beat.

Many of us feel the winter chill more than others. The heating systems, cups and cups of coffee or layers of clothing is sometimes not enough to make the body comfortable. In such a scenario what makes you most comfortable is a pair of thermal pajamas.

Comfort like never before in thermal pajamas

Thermal pajamas are super warm and nothing can beat the warmth that they offer to your body. Very soft against the skin, thermal pajamas can be worn all through the day and at night as well. You don’t necessarily have to wear thermal pajamas at night only as these look good and decent as loungewear too.

During the day when you know that you’re not expecting any guests (you can’t do anything about the uninvited/unexpected ones), you can be comfortable and cozy in a warm pair of thermal pajamas. These are what you need when everything else seems to be not working to beat this outside chill.

Enjoy reading your favorite book, with a mug of coffee, soothing music and thermal pajamas on your body to enjoy what is also known as solace! Happy ‘restful’ Holidays everyone.

Flannel Robes for Women- A cozy Christmas gift

Flannel Robes

Flannel Robes

On a chilly winter day, there is nothing like slipping into a warm flannel robe. Whenever you wake up on those freezing mornings, wrapping yourself in the warmth and softness of flannel robes is a great to keep yourself cozy. In winters flannel robes work as an extension to your cozy bed covers.

When you come home after a long tiring day, taking a dip in hot bubble bath and then slipping into flannel robes takes away all the tiredness by giving you a spa like experience at home. Besides being warm and comfortable, another add on thing about flannel robes is their soft and absorbent fabric. Flannel robes dries you fast and gives a heavenly feel which you’ll surely love. If you are not a flannel lover then you can always go for terry cloth robes and cotton robes.

Varieties of Luxury and Plush Robes has a wide line of women robes and women bathrobes. Cozy flannel robes, stylish terry cloth robes and elegant silk robes  for women at will surely entice you hearts. For this Christmas and holiday season, gifting your lady the plushness and luxury of flannel robes will surely make her day and bring a beautiful smile on her face.  Flannel robes is a must have for these winters. Here, you can find flannel robes and terry cloth robes from popular designer brands namely Aegean, Life is Good, Bedhead, Kashwere, Turkish and more. Start up with your robes shopping now!

Stunning Frankie & Johnny bSoft Flannel Snowdrop Sleep Shirt for women


Frankie & Johnny Sleepshirts

Frankie & Johnny Sleepshirts

Frankie & Johnny bSoft Flannel Snowdrop Sleep Shirt is an amazingly soft and comfy sleepwear which every woman would love to slip in. A classic button up sleepshirt is made of 70% bamboo rayon and 30% cotton. The texture of bamboo used in the sleepshirt looks the same like the blend of cashmere and silk.

Look sexy even while sleeping

Women love to look sexy all the time, even when they are sleeping. Are you also one of those who are bored of wearing same plaid pajamas every day? It’s time to bring change in your boring sleepwear. Imagine yourself in a soft and sexy sleepshirt. Perhaps a flannel sleepshirt which gives a soothing and rich feel just like silk. Now imagine that the plush sleepshirt is available in lovable snowdrop print. This beautiful imagination is of the stunning flannel sleepshirt by Frankie & Johnny.

The soft fabric of the this sleepshirt makes it an ideal all season wear sleep shirt for women. The adorable sleepshirt keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers. This plush and cozy nightshirt lets you snuggle its warmth and gives a good night sleep. When a woman looks for a sleepwear, the two important things that she wants are comfort and style, and Frankie & Johnny nightshirt gives you the best of both worlds.

The moisture wicking properties of Frankie & Johnny sleepshirts make them ideal sleepwear for women going through menopause, hot flashes at night, sweaty nights, etc. Slip into this snugly bamboo sleepshirt to enjoy the lushness and be at ease on those lazy days.

Relax and get a good night’s sleep in the luxury of this Frankie & Johnny bSoft Flannel Snowdrop Sleep Shirt. At, you can get plentiful of sleepwear choices which scores top on fashion as well as comfort.

Enjoy the Christmas Cheer in Plus Size Pajamas

Plus Size Pajamas

Plus Size Pajamas

To make sure that you wake up refreshed on Christmas morning, plus size pajamas can be a great sleepwear for women. For the women with plus size, finding cute pajamas which are both stylish and comfy can be little challenging. Your sleep depends a lot on the style and fabric of the sleepwear you wear.

In winters, we all look for cozy pajamas that can keep you warm all day and night lone. And for the women with plus sizes, they mostly need to compromise either on size or style. But now, all the ladies with plus size can look super-stylish and yet stay comfortable in ultra-soft and cozy plus size flannel pajamas at

Plus Size Pajamas at

Sleepyheads Plus Size Christmas Cheer Flannel Lounger Pajama is the best thing that you can wear on Christmas Eve to make your day more exciting and fun-filled. These Christmas cheer flannel loungers has two side pockets in which you can fill some s mall lil surprise gifts for your kids. The plus size Christmas pajamas are a perfect blend of style, comfort and look.

If you are not a pajamas lover, then Karen Neuburger Yorkshire Longsleeve Plus Size Geo Henley Nightshirt can be a wonderful treat for you. Perfect to take along on a vacation, this stylish sleepshirt has a beautiful allover pattern on red. You can wear this fun nightshirt for sleeping, lounging and relaxing at home.

There are lot more wonderful plus size pajamas in To look for the best plus size pajamas you can click here: Being comfortable is a great way you can get a good night of sleep that will help you to stay refreshed and glowing during the day. Treat yourself or gift your loved ones, the comfort and luxury of plus size pajamas to make their every morning wonderful.

Plush Plus Size Robes – Luxury in your Size

Plus Size Robes

Plus Size Robes

Women who have always longed to enjoy the lushness of terry robes and wraps would only understand the importance of plush and luxurious plus size robes. Healthier women always face size issues wherein they don not get their own size robes in the design that they like. This is disheartening and upsetting as many of the top designer labels do not have plus size range when it comes to robes and wraps. has a wide line of plus size robes for women. Plush and super soft plus size robes come as a relief for healthier women who deserve luxury as much as other women do. Frankie & Johnny, Turkish and BedHead have a wide line of plus size lush robes for women that are super comfortable.

Must Have Robes for Plus Size Women

A bathrobe is a necessity that makes your after bath more comfortable than just a wrap in a towel. It is now like a must have for people of all ages as once you start enjoying the cuddle of a bathrobe then you just can’t be without it. Plus size women can now fall in love with their favorite brands and the most lush fabric bathrobe.

This is softness like never before!

Women Flannel Pajamas are best for cozy winters

Flannel Pajamas

Flannel Pajamas

We all need a comfortable sleepwear for a good night’s sleep. This specially applies for women because of their hectic schedules and busy life. After a long tiring day every woman feels nice to go home and slip into a pair of warm women pajamas. Most women say that flannel pajamas act as a great stress reliever in their busy lives. Women love to go home, slip into their comfy pair of pajamas, enjoy a hot cup of coffee and feel relaxed for awhile.

Flannel pajamas and sleepshirts for a fun winter season

Soft and cozy, women flannel pajamas gives a soothing and pleasurable feel which every woman loves.  At you can get an amazing collection of women pajamas which are specially designed to suit the different moods of a woman. Available in versatile patterns, designs and materials, women pajamas can be a great gift for your loved ones.

Sleepyheads snowflake flannel lounger pajama, Frankie & Johnny bSoft Flannel Darling Paisley Pajama, Frankie & Johnny bSoft Flannel Cheetah Black Trim Pajama, Sleepyheads Penguins Flannel Lounger Pajama and many more wonderful pajamas are available at

Pajamas are like womens best friend. But if you think pajamas are too modest for your lady, then you can always go for flannel sleepshirts. The cute and stylish sleepshirts can be a comfortable and sexy sleepwear option. The sleepshirts are available in lovable prints like snowflakes,  cupcakes, penguin print and more. The soft and cozy flannel sleepshirts are perfect for holidays and vacations. Flannel sleepshirts make winters and holiday season more fun and exciting when the winter chill makes you lazy.

Snug As A Bug Family Matching Santa’s Elves Pajama


Family Matching Pajamas

Family Matching Pajamas

Snug As A Bug Family Matching Santa’s Elves Pajamas are cute festive printed pajamas available in sizes for the whole family to make this holiday a memorable one. The very cute and adorable Snug As A Bug matching pajamas for family are made of soft and cozy flannel fabric which keeps you warm even on the coldest night.

Snug As A Bug pajamas are comfortable and will fit everyone in the family. A must have for this holiday season, these matching pajamas are a great way to get close to your fun and have an exciting time on Christmas. The pajamas have full zipper down the front of the body lets you easily step in and out of the pajamas. Ribbing on the neck, arm and leg bands give the lounge sets a stylish and attractive look. A family photograph on Christmas Eve with all the family members dressed in same pajamas sounds so much exciting. Not forgetting your little pets, Snug As A Bug has pet bandanas which lets you include your pet in Christmas celebrations.

Family matching pajamas – A happy holiday tradition

For many families, wearing Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve is a lovely tradition. Family matching pajamas brings a beautiful smile on everyone’s face. Who doesn’t love to see mom and dad dressed in same cute pajamas? Christmas pajamas and family matching pajamas are loved by all as they make family bonds stronger and bring togetherness in families. What could be a better way to celebrate Christmas than wearing same matching pajamas? It’s a real fun to dress up in bright colored sleepwear on Christmas.

The gift of family matching pajamas on Christmas is a wonderful holiday traditions followed by many. If it’s not one for your family tradition then this is the perfect time to begin. For a happy and fun-filled Christmas, shop for adorable family matching pajamas from

Very Comfortable Snoozies Add to the Winter Fun!



Winters are a lot of fun. Especially during the month of December when there are dinners, get together, parties, shopping, exchanging gifts, celebrations, excitement and so much more. In all this fun, when you want to spend the maximum time at home with your family, a cozy pair of pajamas and a very comfortable pair of snoozies sound like great fun.

Snoozies footies are extremely comfortable to wear and keep your feet warm. Snoozies are a must have during winters when it’s chilling cold outside and inside the house you cuddle up in lots of clothes. Keep your feet cuddly warm as well with a pair of socks and really warm pair of snooizes.

Snoozies collection at is super cute and highly comfortable. Available in all sizes, snoozies, footies, slippers, slipper boots etc. are amazing to wear and comfort your feet to prevent it from the chill outside. The Snoozies collection at has a very soft inner lining and a fur covering at the opening of the footies.

Why are Snoozies a Must Have?

Now why do we call them a must have is because these solve the purpose of both a sock and a slipper. Even when you are not wearing socks, wearing just the snoozies also keeps your feet warm. And if you wear the both, it’s just the most amazing cozy time for your feet and you too! Enjoy the lush embrace of Snoozies footies and let your feet be happy!