Beauty & the Bath Slippers – Step Up Comfort for Feet

By | July 19, 2010

Beauty & the Bath Slippers

Beauty & the Bath slippers at the pajamas store, are stylish and cute. These are perfect for those hush-hush sneak outs with friends. They won’t make a sound while you secretly plant a gift in your little one’s room. These soft slippers  keep your secrets and surprises intact.

The slippers by the brand Beauty & the Bath are very comfortable to wear. This comfy footwear is also known as clog slippers. The clogs can be referred to any comfortable slip on shoes. Representing style and fashion in the line of slippers  clogs are made of willow and wood to give extra softness and relaxation to the feet. The pajamas store, assorts a great selection of slippers and more.

Beauty & the Bath clog slippers are designed to absorb shock and also helps to realign the load away from tired heels, back and knees. The fur on the top of the slippers at the pajamas store are made from very good quality fabric and does not wear off in daily use. Though you should protect them from getting wet, that may reduce the durability of the slippers.

  • Clog Slippers – Walk comfort, wear comfort
  • Clog slippers available at the sleepwear store have gained popularity because of their relaxing comfort and attractive designs. All ladies love them as they are stylish and also hide the tired, bad state feet if someone suddenly drops by. A wooden base will also help your back to stay erect and will not let your knees take a lot of stress.

Don’t think that clog slippers are just for colder months, they are popularly worn throughout the year. Get one for your pretty feet now from the pajamas store.

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