Bedhead Moroccan Paisley Blue Class Pjs – Women’s New Object of Love

By | August 31, 2011
Bedhead Moroccan Paisley Blue Class Womens Pajamas

Bedhead Moroccan Paisley Blue Class Womens Pajamas

The Moroccan Paisley blue class stretch Bedhead pajamas for women scores on the following things:

1) It’s a Bedhead womens Pjs set – So the pajamas being top quality is undoubted.
2) Moroccan Paisley Print – Paisley and women have been companion since centuries and the current Moroccan Paisley print will become a feminine favorite!
3) The Blue Pink Combination – A classic winner color combination, the Moroccan Paisley on the blue class stretch pajamas will win every woman’s heart with just one look.
4) The Splashy Culture – Reminding you of the color bazaars of Morocco and the vibrant culture of the place, this womens pajama set will surely transport you to the world of comfort and Moroccan flair.

The Bedhead womens pajamas is made of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra and is soft on the skin like no other fabric is. If you’ve been wearing Bedhead then you will not even blink before adding it to your shopping cart. And if you’re new to the brand then the Moroccan Bedhead Paisley Blue Class is a perfect way to begin your Bedhead love.

Our new fall collection, includes the amazing Bedhead loungewear and womens pajamas in similar unique prints and patterns. Trust Bedhead to dress up women in style and comfort from head to toe!

Go for the Moroccan Paisley Blue Class womens pajamas and enjoy your leisures like never before.  And something for the not-Paisley-fans (though we doubt there are any) we have a huge line of long sleeve womens pajamas waiting for you in designs other than the paisley!

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