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Add those clog slippers to your wardrobe this fall

Have you ever seen one of your friends wearing those super-comfy slippers, popularly know as clogs, and wondering where on earth did she get these heavenly things from? These are slippers devoid of pointy toes, hard soles and high heels, and full of cloth & cotton from top to bottom. They are tailor made to… Read More »

What good is our Cosmetic Bag collection?

Where else in the world would you find the Koo Koo Mom to be Pink Striped Costmetic bag? And as you ponder over the question let us try and explain to you what an asset a beautiful a cosmetic bag can be. First of all, it’s a no-shock that you definitely need. Would you let… Read More »

These delightful Totes are more than just Handbags!

Here’s the thing about Tote Bags. They date back to the 17th century coming from the word Tote which simply means, “to carry”. Yes, they are that old, and yet, they are hip, happening and found on everyone’s shoulder or hand today. What’s even better is that we have them available on our pajamas store… Read More »