Special Christmas ‘Spend More Save More’ Offer Announced by Pajamas Store, SleepyHeads.com

By | December 11, 2009

December 7th 2009, Kentucky

A Christmas/ Holiday special ‘Spend More Save More’ offer is made available on the online pajamas and sleepwear store, SleepyHeads.com (http://www.sleepyheads.com/). The Christmas offer entitles $5 off any order over $50, $15 off any order over $100 and $30 off any order over $150 from December 8th through December 14th. To receive this discount, enter Christmas discount coupon code “SPEND50” at checkout.

Another holiday/ Christmas discount currently running on SleepyHeads.com includes 20% store wide discount valid through December 31st, 2009. The holiday/ Christmas discount can be availed by using the discount coupon code ‘HOLIDAY20’ at checkout.

SleepyHeads.com has a holiday/ Christmas gifts section with seasonal Christmas pajamas, footed pajamas, family matching pajamas, robes, pajamas, slippers, socks and stocking stuffers. Christmas pajamas and gifts can be viewed at: http://www.sleepyheads.com/Holiday_Pajamas_and_Gifts/Christmas_PJs_and_Gifts

“Here at SleepyHeads, we’re giving big holiday discounts as Christmas gifts to our customers!” says Ms. Jennifer Briscoe, representative of SleepyHeads.com, “If you spend over $50, you’ll get $5 off, if you spend over $100 then you’ll have $15 off, and if you decide to spend over $150 on our pajamas and sleepwear, we’ll give you $30 off! Now that’s what a great Christmas has to be like, when you can spend more but save much more!”

More Christmas offers are scheduled to be announced by the pajamas store, SleepyHeads.com. A special 20% holiday discount on SleepyHeads pajamas line is also available at SleepyHeads.com. To avail the offer, use discount coupon code ‘SLEEPY20’ at the checkout. The SleepyHeads pajamas 20% discount will expire on December 11th 2009.

“Christmas gift shopping doesn’t have to be difficult,” said Ms. Briscoe, “and we’re making it not just easy at SleepyHeads, but also cost effective. If you’re looking for Christmas inspiration, then look no further. We’ve got great Christmas pajamas and other Christmas gifts like stocking stuffers, to suit all wallets and tastes. Whether it’s for the kids, a partner, friends or grandparents, we’ve got just the thing. Everyone loves pajamas, so get someone something special this year! Also, stay put for more, we’ll make sure that your Christmas is as special as it can be.”

The ‘Spend More Save More’ offer with $5 off any order over $50, $15 off any order over $100 and $30 off any order over $150 will be valid from December 8th through December 14th at SleepyHeads.com. Use the Christmas discount coupon code ‘SPEND50’ at the checkout to redeem the offer.

About SleepyHeads.com

SleepyHeads.com is a leading retailer of upscale pajamas, sleepwear & lingerie featuring quality loungewear brands & designer labels. The SleepyHeads.com online store provides pajamas,  lingerie, women’s pajamas, slippers, robes, men’s pajamas, matching family pajamas, etc.

SleepyHeads.com carried many popular brands that are often featured on TV: The Today Show, The Morning Show, & Extra. SleepyHeads.com products have also been featured in magazines such as Woman’s World & Oprah.

For Information, contact:
Jennifer Briscoe
1840 Airport Exchange Blvd. #130
Erlanger, KY
Phone: 1-866-638-2172
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.SleepyHeads.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sleepyheads01

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