Bathrobes – Our Exclusive Collection!

By | September 28, 2011


Let’s get one thing out of the way, we don’t have the robes that Harry Potter has been putting on for so many years, but if you want to play magic-magic, you can definitely go ahead and have your kids, spouses and friends play it with you while you don our many varied types of robes. Just for fun, and no harm done.

Anyway, coming straight to the point, we know if there comes a time you do put on a robe is really after your bath. But feel free to put them on for no rhyme or reason, because you know how they can make you feel about life. What, you may ask, do we offer? Nothing much really, except bathrobes by brands – robes for men, robes for women, robes for kids and well the obvious choice of many, wedding robes or wraps.

Our bath robes collection- Too much to choose from!

Ideally, if we wanted to mention all the brands we retail robes for, we would have to make up a fake story about how Aegean and Bedhead were great friends, and how they once were talking about The Cat’s Pajamas on the Pine Cone Hill and so on and so forth, about 20 or so characters, you get the picture. Go pick up the one you like.

But, wait. You probably want to get if for your kid, and that’s why Turkish Kids and Frankie & Johnny are right on your tail. You may even want to gift to your spouse, or perhaps just someone else from the family, and you will find ample choice in the robes for men and robes for women sections. And if by chance you are not sure if you would a bathrobe of the right length, here’s the thing, you can just go and search robes by length.

And if all the gooble-wobble above is not enough for you, because well, you(or your friends) might be getting married soon, our bride & groom bathrobes collection by Pendergrass and Paddi Murphy will take your breath away. It’s not really that much about the choice as it is about giving you exactly what you might want, and we simply love doing that at

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