Family Matching Pajamas Photo Contest at!

By | November 11, 2009
Family Matching Pajamas Photo Contest

Family Matching Pajamas Photo Contest

The matching pajamas photo contest at is on and is sure going to be exciting with all  the entries of people in cute, adorable and snugly family matching pajamas!

Fun, family and pajamas go together and we know how much everyone loves these! The contest has just begun and we hope the creativity and the ‘fun-jama’ moments will be better and better! So what are you waiting for? Get your family, friends, together in family matching pajamas and click (or get clicked) to win the pajamas Giveaway!

Have you sent your matching pajamas moment to us?

If not, then click and send your best family matching pajama picture to SleepyHeads via email at [email protected] and win $1000 worth of Pajamas in the Giveaway. It’s time to freeze best frames by getting together your family, friends, and loved ones. You never know, you may just be the lucky one to take home pajamas worth $1000. Sounds nice, well winning pajamas worth $1000 is just a click away!

You must include information like your name, city and state and contact number. The entries should be submitted by 31st Jan 2010. The prize amount is to be broken down as:

  • $500.00 from SleepyHeads line
  • $500.00 from any other vendors on website

Here is a chance where you can really test your creativity and share your happy family moment with us. Christmas would surely turn out to be merrier than ever in your favorite family pajamas!

Looking for some comfy pajamas for yourself or for your family? No problem! Browse through a variety of pajamas, holiday pajamas, Christmas pajamas and kids pajama, family matching pajamas, etc. at

You never know, the family matching pajamas line on our pajamas store may inspire you for the picture! What say?

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