Favorite Pajamas Pastime – Finding the perfect Pajamas Moment

By | January 11, 2010


What’s your favorite pajamas pastime? Never thought about it? There are things in life that we do without thinking and the answer to the above question is one of them. You may have cruised through the day in your pajamas watching movies back to back and probably never realized that watching movies is your thing in pajamas! Or baked delicious delights without knowing that what you are doing is your favorite pajamas pastime! Whatever it is, the essential thing is that it was done in pajamas and may have been the perfect pajamas moment for you or your family.

So shall we take a look at other potential pajama pastimes and find out that perfect pajama moment?

  • We already have watching movies and baking on the list. For men, it could be also be watching sports in pajamas and may be play some with kids.
  • Surfing the Internet, blogging or socializing on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Pjs are superb leisure wear to click away to a delightful time or connecting with friends online or may be finding your creative streak.
  • Honing your PS skills in those cute and cuddly sleepwear and pajamas is another favorite pastime that can be the perfect pajama moment for gaming enthusiasts and kids.
  • Lounging! The list would have never been complete without what the majority of us love to do.. lounging around!
  • The last (and may be the winner), is a Slumber party! Getting everyone together in adorable pajamas is definitely the favorite pajama moment of all times!

We have our winner! Let us know if we our favorite pajama moments match yours. Or let us have a glimpse of your perfect pjs paradise.

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