Flannel Pajamas or Silk Satin Sleepwear – To Choose or not to Choose

By | January 14, 2010

It’s cold and the chill is is just about to reach the spine? What do you do? Go for the time tested and trusted warm flannel pajamas or take the glamor route comfort with silk satin sleepwear? For many the choice is obviously dependent on the availability. However, the real crisis arises when the choice is to be made while buying some cozy pjs for yourself!

For the conventional old schoolers, a pair of footed pajamas is the ideal pick but for the more fashion conscious there are other things that become priority. For the fashionistas, choosing the fabric of a pajama is perhaps less important than choosing the design, the look and the feel of the pajamas pair against the skin.

So we arrive to this silly-for-some but crucial-for-others dilemma about whether to go for the flannels, cotton or fleece or let the style diva guide us to the silky heavens.

Flannel or Silk Pajamas – Take your pick

Flannel pajamas are let’s just say..your perfect pal for those cold and chilly nights. They’re what will make winter tolerable to you if not enjoyable. Not for nothing, that there was even a movie made on flannel pajamas! Alright not on them but by their name! Flannels are the coziest among the coziest pajamas and hence are a favorite among those looking to conquer the winter chill.

Silk and satin pajamas are probably low on the cozy quotient but definitely the winners when it comes to stylish and elegant sleepwear. People with luxurious lifestyles and high-end taste are usually the ones going for some flashy silk pjs. Perhaps, priced a little too high for budget shopping but the fineness of silk satin pajamas has melted many a hearts!

Found your favorite yet? Neither have we..both are equally helpful when it comes to spending leisure or wanting a moony sleep. Concluding with the confusion, like one at the start, but some more love for pajamas, we let the buyer decide for him or herself.

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