Flower Powered Pajamas & Accessories for Spring

By | March 9, 2010
Flower Power Pajamas

Flower Power Pajamas

Flower powered pajamas? It’s spring so how can anyone forget flowers. Neither could pajamas store, SleepyHeads.com. So here it is a flower powered collection of comfy pajamas, pjs and accessories. Pajamas designers like all other apparel designers borrow a lot from life around them and every season has something special to offer. And spring has its specialty too.. flowers. So SleepyHeads making the most of every season, rakes up a flowery one for the spring 2010.

After the cute Hello Kitty 2010 spring collection, it has been raining flowers on sleepwear and pajamas everywhere. The pajamas store is even offering 30% discount on Frankie & Johnny cotton spring pajamas from March 8th 2010 to March 15th 2010 with discount coupon ‘SPRINGFORWRD’ upon checkout.

Spring Sleepwear – Life is a bed of flowers

Pajamas and sleepwear for spring with pansies, daisies from pajama brands such as SleepyHeads, Bedhead, Hello Kitty, Frankie & Johnny and others is perfect for being party to the cheerful spirit of the spring! The power of flowers is not just limited to pajama patterns or prints but the flowery goodness is making accessories such as slippers, flip flops and bags beautiful too.

We guarantee that this spring the flowery fresh cuteness is what will be reining the hearts of all. Spring is the best time to enjoy the comforts of life and with the perfect pair of pajamas on you, life will actually become a bed of flowers.

Don’t just don flower pajamas for only a comfy sleep but for some spring fun too! Hurry buy Frankie & Johnny pajamas now and get 30% off. Some of the F & J pajamas have also been featured on shows such as The CBS Early Show, etc. Use ‘SPRINGFORWARD‘ on checkout before March 15th 2010.

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