Had a Pajama Party yet?

By | December 6, 2011


Women's Pajamas

Women's Pajamas

Pajamas around here are all over the place, especially in this season when they are bought, worn and bought again in plenty. And now that we have been talking about all the diversity of things you can do with a Pajama on, it is time to talk about an event which marks not only the beginning of this season, but continues throughout these months- Yep, we are talking about a Pajama Party!

What’s a Pajama Party?

A Pajama party (also called Sleepover) generally is night full of interesting activities such as talking, gossiping, playing, dinner & drinks with family or even friends. Sounds fun? Let’s tell you some more.

Consider this; you and your girlies haven’t met for a while now. As you suggest the idea of a pajama party to them, they give you an instant go ahead on it. Knowing it’s going to be late night you bring out your best pair of Christmas pajamas which bought with the Family pajamas set last week. You go to the supermarket, buy all the required ingredients of a supercool party and come back home to prepare for dinner and drinks. You ask your husband to take the kids for a movie, which shall give you all the space to yourself and your girlies.

After all the preparations are done, you freshen up and get into your pajamas. Your girls now land up at your place and after a quick gossip session you head for dinner. You realize how much you’ve been missing them, and you are in full flow to make this a memorable night. Post that, the drinks are poured and then begins, a round of fun activities such as board games, pillow fights followed by a movie and some more gossip.

This goes on until its extremely late in the night, but you’re not worried as it’s Friday, and you can worry about all the other things after a good long session of sleep. It’s been an amazing night. You get up the next morning and you tell yourself how you loved last night, and how this is going to be a regular event from now on. You are satisfied and happy.

That’s just one way to have it. There can be so many more. If you haven’t had a pajama party yet, plan one. It’s as priceless as the Pajamas themselves.

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