Pajamas on the Beach – Digressions thru’ Time

By | February 7, 2010


Pajamas have long been associated with night time, comfy sleep, leisure around the house, spending winters in, while sipping on hot chocolate and stealing cookies or waiting for Santa to show up with Christmas goodies during Holidays! So how did this apparent sleepwear and loungewear find its way to the beaches? Well there are no limits when thinking of utilities of the good ole’ pajamas.

Ever thought of pajamas as vintage wear for the Beach? Surprised, so were we when we first found out through a blog post

Now we know that pajamas are comfy and for leisure but wearing them out on the beach is something that really didn’t find place in our imagination. Apparently it was the chosen attire for sunny getaways on the beaches in the 1930s. What got them indoors from the sands is something we haven’t a clue about. But we know this for sure that wearing pjs to the beach in this day and age will invite more stares and may be glares than it did before.

Pajamas – Comfort Whenever Wherever

Now unlike the fashionistas of today, who would not step out on the beach unless in sexy swimwear, the women in the 30s seem to have had no troubles sporting these roomy and cute pajamas! With matching accessories, these pajamas really stood out on the beaches and were roomier than the average pjs today. Available in pleasing patterns and even more delightful designs, beach pajamas flattered women’s figure like any swanky swimsuit of our times.

Considering the luxurious comfort pajamas offer, it’s not surprising that they made suitable attire for the beach. Women of all sizes shapes enjoyed wearing these and looked adorably sexy!

So if you’re thinking of recreating the magic on the beach then has the perfect line of pajamas for you! Also browse through Valentine’s pajamas and gifts. The summer is soon approaching and so is the desire to sink in the coolness of silver sands. Buy cotton pajamas for summers and rnjoy cruising through the heat!

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