What you didn’t know about Pajamas

By | December 8, 2011

Pajamas are one the most widely available apparels. They are also one of those rare things that one puts on every day. So we want to give you some facts about them. After all, one would always want to know more about them as they are such an important aspect of our lives. Also, it is officially that time of the year, when Pajamas are enjoyed more than any other apparel.

Also we assume that you have been shopping for Christmas pajamas or perhaps Family Pajamas so this would be something that is of interest. So here we go –

  • The ancient Pajama referred to a loose lightweight trouser with fitted drawstring waistbands mostly found in South and West Asia. At that time though, they were called Paijamas.
  • The origins of the word Pajama and Pyjama come from a Persian word (Peyjama which means ‘foot garment’), which was incorporated into the English language during the British rule in India.
  • In China, it is not uncommon to wear Pajamas in the late evening and at night, in and around your neighborhood.
  • The Pajamas went out of fashion and the industry almost died until the British brought them from India.
  • The most common designs seen on pajamas have been of sports, animals, balloons, polka dots and stripes and of course the Christmas & the holidays!
  • In North America, pajamas have come to become an essential style statement.

As you know by now, Pajamas are extremely intriguing objects, and as Christmas makes it’s way towards you with each passing day, we want to give you the best. Start you search at SleepyHeads.com right now.

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