Some revelations about the eternal apparel, the ultimate gift, the one and only- Pajama!

By | November 19, 2011


It’s that time of the year when almost everyone is shopping for pajamas, whether its family pj sets, men’s pjs, women’s pj’s or cute pj’s for kids. The big question in all of this pajama frenzy is why exactly do we buy so many pajamas? In our efforts to be a premier pajama store, we have learned some of these answers over the years and will try and answer them for you.

Apart from the just putting some pajamas on after a shower to have good night sleep, there are numerous other things one can do in a pajama.

Pajamas are for the artists-

Pajamas is one of the most blogged about topic for many people who like them, but that’s not really why one puts on the pajamas. The best and most interesting part about pajamas is that they come in handy while you are blogging, writing or drawing. Come to think of it, blogging in a tight and uncomfortable jeans is not same as putting on some comfy & colorful pajamas, while you let your creative juices flow to the limit. It’s that feeling of freedom and of letting everything go with the flow.

Pajamas for gifts-

Christmas is approaching. Halloween has just passed. The whether is colder than ever before and hardly anyone feels like going out partying every night. Many prefer to lounge and pass time in the coziness of the bedroom or the sitting room. What could possibly be the best gift one could expect at such a time? Yep, we are still talking about Pajamas. For the kids, the teens, the grown-ups, it doesn’t get better than this.

Lounging in pajamas-

You may be having a well cooked, mouth watering Turkey or just watching TV with the kids, or maybe even grabbing a drink in while some friends who are over for dinner- pajamas make for the most ideal apparel. If you’re going for a walk, there’s nothing like the whole family in Red Snowflake pajama set (hope you’ve gotten the Pet bandanna in case you bought that one).

There is so much more to pajamas than we know of. In recent years, they not only have become a style statement but a symbol of comfort, of knowing that life is good, and that there’s absolutely nothing in this world that is ever going to replace them.

They are, in the true sense of the word, priceless. Start your search right for them right here on

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