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SleepyHeads Special Off on Selected Slippers & Bags

Dedicating a special tribute to cool accessories, SleepyHeads.com offers two stunning products slippers and bags from Girls Two Doors Down and Bedhead respectively at amazing discounts. The Down Icky Flip Flops Rescue Pack (which contains 3 pairs) by the awesome brand Girls Two Doors Down, originally priced at $54 can now be purchased at $24… Read More »

10% Discount and Free Ground Shipping Offered by Pajamas Store, SleepyHeads.com for Spring 2010

March 22nd 2010, Kentucky Special 10% discount on purchase order and Free Ground Shipping offer has been announced by the pajamas store, SleepyHeads.com (http://www.sleepyheads.com/) for spring 2010. The Free Ground Shipping offer is valid for Continental US only. Both the 10% discount deal and free ground shipping can be availed by using the discount coupon… Read More »

Boxers & Shorties on Sale – Perfect for Spring & Summers

Boxers and shorties become the hot favorite (ironical.. because they should be the cool favorite) when the temperature starts soaring high and the snow cordially gives way to pleasant breezes and sunny days. At times like these there’s something else that happens too.. stacking up the wools, storing away those cozy pajamas and taking out… Read More »

Cartoon Pajamas – Funjamas from SleepyHeads.com!

What is cuter than pajamas? Cartoon pajamas! These adorable and tooney pjs are simply too good to resist! From Dr. Seuss to the Grinch, these naughty and some notorious cartoons have found a special place on cool casual sleepwear and tees. Get special cartoon pjs from Sleepyheads.com and enjoy detouring to your childhood in your… Read More »

Guess Who’s Talking about SleepyHeads – Pajamas Featured in Valentine’s Gifts Ideas

The appearance at the Today Show was really a kick-start for letting people know what valuable Valentine’s gifts these comfy pajamas make! Now others are talking too and the others include http://www.westsidetoday.com/s4-2212/the-sweetheart-s-valentine.html. Valentine’s pjs and gifts from SleepyHeads.com have been making quite a mark everywhere. Have they tickled your heart yet? If not then you… Read More »

New Tepper Jackson Bags & Totes – Baggage Full of Style & Sensation!

The new line of Tepper Jackson bags and totes will interest more than just your first glance. In prints such as Calypso, Kaleidoscope and Aurora, Tepper Jackson’s accessories include carry all bags, totes, and passport cases. Loads of color, fascinating patterns and fancy designs define the new Tepper Jackson bags collection available at the pajamas… Read More »