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Customization How To

With our quick and easy checkout choosing to add customization has never been easier! After finding the pajama(s) you would like to have customized you will select the embroidery option located to the right of the image (below the Size option.)

There will be an Embroidery and Vinyl option with a sample of the font styles you can choose from. Depending on the Font number you choose will depend on whether you are selecting to have Embroidery or Vinyl on your garment.

After this has been filled out Simply hit Add to Cart!


FAQs –

What Can I Customize?

Majority of our pajamas have the option to be customized. There will be an embroidery option located to the right of the image below the Sizes.

We ask that customization stays under 14 letters.

What If there is not a checkmark box to add embroidery?

If there is not a checkbox next to embroidery that means it is not available for that product.


What are my font options for Customization?

If you are looking to just have a monogram placed on a PJ we offer 3 different font options. If you are looking to put a full word, such as a first name, we offer 6 different font options. Please refer to the image below for font options. When checking out you will refer to the Font number.

We offer 4 font options for Vinyl and 1 Option for Vinyl monogramming.


What are my Color Options for Customization?

We have an extremely wide variety of colors for Embroidery. During checkout please note if you do not choose a thread color a matching thread color will be chosen for you.

We currently only offer Vinyl in White.


Where is the Customization placement?

If the pajama has an applique then the Vinyl or Embroidery will be placed above this. Infants customization is always centered. If you are looking to have a name or monogram in the corner this will appear on your left side while wearing the garment.


How Large can my customization be?  

The size can be anywhere from 1 inch to 2 inches depending what you are looking to put on the pajamas. For example, the name Josh would be closed to 3 inches whereas the name Elizabeth may be closer to 1 1/2. All Infant sizes will be closer to an inch.


What if I need this expedited?  

We cannot guarantee faster turnaround on the embroidery process. You can choose expedited shipping, but that is ONLY for the shipping of the order. The embroidery will still take 5-7 days to process


NOTICE: All embroidery items are FINAL SALE. No returns or exchanges. Add 5-7 Business days to the delivery time of your order. We recommend that you wash garments with vinyl inside out.


For further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service representatives. 

(P) 1-888-277-1144 (Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm EST)

(E) Customer Service– 

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