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SleepytimePjs SleepytimePjs Kids Button Down Top Pajama F17-ST73700K

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Green Plaid Flannel
Red Plaid


Soft and cozy flannel woven top with button closure in a relaxed fit, notched collar, satin trim. Pant: Soft and cozy flannel woven pant in a relaxed fit with elastic waistband, easy care/machine washable. Note: This garment is flame-resistant. Sizing: 2T (height 32-34in, weight 26-29 lbs), 3T (height 34-36in, weight 29-32lbs), 4T (height 37-39 in, weight 33-36 lbs), 5 (height 40-44 in, weight 37-42 lbs), 6 (height 45-49 in, weight 45-55 lbs), 8 (height 52-54 inch, weight 56-72 lbs), 10 (height 54-57 in, weight 73-81 lbs), 12 (height 57-60 in, weight 82-93 lbs).