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SleepytimePJs Matching Family Summer Fun Pajama Set
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SleepytimePJs SleepytimePJs Matching Family Summer Fun Pajama Set STM-3084

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SleepytimePjs family matching Nautical pajamas are perfect for the entire family. The soft, lightweight fabric is perfect in the warmer months while vacationing with family or simply waking up as a family during the summers off. Available in women's, men's kids, and doll dress.

The kids Pajamas WILL shrink when washed up to 3%. We have already accounted for the shrinkage in the sizing listed below. (Most shrink occurs in the length NOT the width)
Women's Sizing: XS (2-4), S (4-6), M (8-10), L (12-14), XL (16-18)
Men's Sizing: S (26\ Waist), M (30\ Waist), L (34\ Waist), XL (38\ Waist), 2XL (40\ Waist)
Reminder per federal regulations infant and kids pajamas are tight fitting. Order accordingly
Kids Sizing:
2T (32-34\/ 26-30 Lbs)
3T (34-36\/ 30-32 Lbs)
4T (37-39\/ 33-36 Lbs
Kids 6 (45-48\ H/ 45-55 Lbs/ 23\ Waist)
Kids 8 (51-54\ H/ 56-72 Lbs/ 24\ Waist)
Kids 10 (54-57\ H/ 73-81 Lbs/ 25\ Waist)
Kids 12 (57-60\ H/ 82-93 Lbs/ 26\ Waist)