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Softies by Paddi Murphy Softies by Paddi Murphy Women's Diamond Plush Zip Polyester Bed Jacket SO9354-10

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Softies combine patented performance fabric with sheer luxury to create the most comfortable sleepwear and robes you will ever wear. The Moisture Management Technology® in our sleepwear keeps you soft, cool and dry all night by quickly moving moisture away from your skin. Fresh Guard® neutralizes odors and inhibits bacteria growth caused by sweat. Made of 100% Polyester.

Features a zipper that offers an open zip for individualized comfort.  Includes two pockets.

Softies require no special care (machine wash and dry), are colorfast and resist shrinking.

Sizes run as follows:  S (6-8)  M (10-12)  L (14-16)  XL (18-20)

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